Our Aim

Face Interior Design create spaces that make a tangible difference to people whether at home, at school, in public places or at work. We truly understand that the quality of our environment shapes our lives.

Our Service

We work closely with you to understand

  • Your company philosophy and corporate identity
  • Your business goals and aspirations
  • Your clients
  • The most important aspects of your project

In addition, Face Interior Design is able to provide the full range of construction services:

  • Architecture
  • Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Sustainable Design and BREEAM
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Project Management
  • CDM Consultation

We have completed projects from small up to £18million in value in a wide range of sectors including:

Commercial, Education, Sports & Leisure, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial, Residential and Community

Your Future

What makes your business distinctive?

  • Business philosophy
  • Your relationships with clients
  • Corporate identity
  • Aspirations and goals
  • Resources: Human & Technological

How do we capture this?

  • Working with you to understand the really important aspects of your business approach.
  • Management of your identity within the scope of the design is as important as your web identity.
  • Workplace Analysis – understanding and assessing your current ways of working and using the information gathered to propose new and improved solutions whether on a small or large scale.

We know that we can make a difference and our holistic approach to the design of interior spaces ensures a satisfying result for clients and users.

For examples of previous projects please see our Portfolio.